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Residential Entrance doors


Quoting of residential projects is a free service.

We endeavour to interpret correctly the full scope of works.

Site measure

We realise the responsibility to ensure that the right product is fit for purpose.

On placement of orders for supply and installation Rick's doors offer site measure for Brisbane Bayside.


Rick's Door's provides a wide range of installation services for both commerical and residential projects including:

  • Timber doors
  • External backstrading
  • Decks
  • Timber floors
  • Facades

Carringbush range

  • tXCB1

Colonial range

  • Col 6PHM English Rose

French range

  • French 1L

Half French range

  • Half French 1L 1P

Glass opening range

  • XF1

Illusion range

  • XIL1

Joinery range

  • JST3

Lincoln range

  • XL3

Linear range

  • XLR120

Mediterrean range

  • Felicia Glazed 2
  • Felicia Glazed 2SL

Modern Ascot range

  • Ascot 1G Rice Paper
  • Ascot 2G Rice Paper

Modern Grange range

  • Grange 6G Glazed

Modern Leeds range

  • Leeds

Modern OD range

  • OD4 Glazed

Modern Oxford range

  • Oxford 5G Glazed

Newington range

  • Newington tXN5
  • Newington tXN6

Nexus range

  • Nexus tNEX30

Paddington range

  • Paddington 1G
  • Regal 1G SL

Regal range

  • Regal 21P9GR
  • Regal 5PSL

Regency range

  • Trend tXR1
  • Trend tXR2


  • Trend tSG8
  • Trend tSG9

Savoy range

  • Trend tXS24
  • Trend tXS3

Tranditional range

  • Traditional Hero

Vaucluse Premier range

  • Vaucluse Premier XVP5
  • Vaucluse Premier XVP6

Vaucluse range

  • Vaucluse XV1
  • Vaucluse XV5

Venetian range

  • Venetian VEN1

Verve range

  • Venetian VEN1
  • Venetian VEN6

Windsor Belgravia range

  • WindsorBelgraviaHero

Windsor Calais range

  • WindsorCalaisHero

Windsor Edwardian range

  • WindsorEdwardianHero

Windsor Fanlight range

  • WindsorFanlightHero

Windsor Federation range

  • FederationCurvedTopGLCBEnglishRoseLL
  • FederationSLCBEnglishRoseLL

Windsor Hampton range

  • Ham3LLed

Windsor Victorian range

  • Windsor VictorianHero

Wrought Iron range

  • WroughtIron WI1L
  • WroughtIron WI1LSL
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