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Commercial product range

Commercial projects

With over 40 years experience we have completed numerous projects varying in size and type.

How to order

If you have any questions or wish to make an order, please contact us.

Other door types

Rick's Doors also supplies Metal clad doors, Metal Frame doors. Please contact us for more information

Acoustic doors, Door sets and Frames

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Acoustic door description

At Rick's doors we manufacture all types of acoustic door and sound proof doors and specialise in non-standard and special sized fire doors for the following acoustic use:

  • Education
  • Music
  • Business & hotels
  • Hospital & nursing homes

We work to your exacting specifications or can advise on the correct technical requirements for the required usage for your acoustic doors and soundproof doors. Soundproofing a door to ensure the acoustics are optimised is a skill that we have developed over many years. Most frequently requested door acoustics sound reduction levels are:

  • 31 STC for general use, incl classrooms
  • 40 STC for music & rehearsal rooms, recording studios and concert halls

Acoustic Doors should only be supplied as complete door sets (Door, Door Frame and Seals)

Fire rated acoustic doors built to your specifications

All of our acoustic doors can be manufactured to meet any fire rating requirements. Our acoustic doors, door sets and frames can also be customised to meet your full specifications in terms of both non standard sizes and finishes which can include:

  • Wood veneer
  • Laminate in plain, pattern or wood grain for all fire doors
  • Painted doors
  • Paint grade for site painting by others

Fire doors, Door sets and Frames

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Fire door description

Rick's doors supply non-standard fire doors, fire exit doors, door sets and frames for both interior and exterior fire doors for all types of buildings across south east Queensland. All our fire doors are designed to meet your specific requirements and are manufactured to full Australian fire resisting standards 1905.1

  • 30 minute fire doors
  • 60 minute fire doors
  • 90 minute fire doors
  • 120 minute fire doors
  • 180 minute fire doors
  • 240 minute fire doors

We constantly strive to provide reliable service at competitive prices. We provide this service in and around Brisbane and throughout south east Queensland.

Interior, exterior & glazed fire rated doors built to your specifications

We don't just supply fire rated doors for internal or external applications. All our fire doors, door sets and frames are designed and built to specification including sizes, specific fire rating, application and finish. Our fire doors are built to do the job as well as look good. Our range of finishes includes:

  • Wood veneer fire doors
  • Laminate in plain, pattern or wood grain for all fire doors
  • Painted fire doors
  • Paint grade for site painting on all fire doors

Contact us with specific requirements or for advice. For the appropriate finish on a set of flush external fire doors, a door set ready for on site painting, or a beautiful veneer to compliment your office decor, our team can advise.

Flush panel doors, Door sets and Frames

  • Flush panel

Flush door description

Rick's Doors supplies a wide variety of flush panel doors to suit virtually any application.

From non-rated internal and external doors, to fancy veneers, fire doors, x-ray and acoustic doors as well as metal clad security doors, Rick's doors can meet your needs.

Doors are tailor made allowing for vision panels of any size or dimension from a wide range of glass types.

Edge strips are also offered, allowing for improved moisture resistance and robustness as are a variety of skin types and door thicknesses.

Penetrations for return air grilles, pivots, electronic locks and door seals are available cutting down on site installation time.

Rick's Doors supply flush doors, door sets and frames for a range of applications and a host of building types in the public and private markets, especially hospitals, schools and colleges both in Brisbane and throughout south east Queensland.

X-Ray doors, Door sets and Frames

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X-Ray door description

Rick's doors understands that safety is paramount in all areas where x-ray is used. That is why we engineer doors to meet your specifications.

  • Dentists
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Surgeries
  • Universities

It is paramount that a radiation assessment and structural shielding design has been performed to determined protection requirements.

The level of shielding should be considered as the minimum required. The level of shielding recommended shall provide protection to the appropriate target, to all the areas within the facility.

Shielding must be installed in an approved manner, to ensure the integrity of all shielding barriers.

The doors are lead lined for x-ray departments and are in accordance with specification, and should only be supplied as complete door sets.

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